Find your local mortgage broker and information on mortgage lenders, mortgage advisers and brokers. If you are searching for your local mortgage broker for mortgage advice, to purchase a mortgage or to re-mortgage, find your local mortgage adviser here. If you are looking to contact a mortgage lender directly, we have a comprehensive list of mortgage lenders so that you can get in touch with them!

In the Mortgage Lenders and Brokers you will find:

  • Local mortgage brokers covering your area.
  • Comprehensive information about each broker.
  • Allows you to identify your local broker that meets your needs.
  • Mortgage lender listings.
  • Specialist mortgage brokers and advisers.
  • Commercial Mortgage Brokers
  • Re Mortgages
  • Self Certification Mortgage Brokers
  • First Time Buyer Mortgage Brokers

We have made searching for your local mortgage broker or mortgage adviser easy by providing listings by each county or area. Just click on your local county or area to find mortgage advisers and brokers and contact them directly. Each listing has comprehensive details of the types of services provided and specialist areas of service. Just click on the ‘find out more’ link next to each listing to determine if this is the type of mortgage related service that you require.

We hope that our resources are useful to you. Our simple navigation structure allows even the most inexperienced web surfer to find their local mortgage broker or lender. by providing listings for specialist and niche mortgage suppliers such as offset mortgages, commercial mortgages, first time buyer mortgages, fixed rate mortgages, re mortgages and self certification mortgages, you can find the right people for your mortgage needs.

A mortgage broker is a trained professional with specialist knowledge and experience that helps them to help you find the best mortgage deal given your personal financial circumstances. Mortgage brokers can often specialize in niche mortgage areas such as commercial mortgages to allow you to grow your business through specialised commercial loans which are typically secured on commercial properties for business use.

By listing specialist mortgage brokers, we are able to provide you with the resources that you are looking for. First time buyer mortgage brokers help to find mortgages for those who are buying a home for the very first time. First time buyers will typically be eligible for special incentives and may need extra help with understanding the complexities of purchasing a mortgage. Fixed rate mortgages are also very popular as the interest rate on a mortgage is fixed with the mortgage lender for a specific period of time. These are a real help for those who want to forecast their budgets!

You may also be looking to re-mortgage your home or commercial property and many mortgage brokers are able to help you with this. Remortgaging is transferring your outstanding mortgage debt from your existing loan to a new loan without moving home. If you are self employed or have an irregular income, you may want a self cert mortgage where you confirm what your income is likely to be. You could also choose an offset mortgage if you want the ability to offset savings and current account balances against your existing mortgage.

Whatever the type of mortgage that you are looking for, mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders listed here may be able to help you. To find your local mortgage broker, just click on your county to see available listings. These listings are free of charge and we take no responsibility for the services and products provided or purchased from any listed mortgage broker or mortgage lender. As with the purchase of any product or service, it may be the best option to search around to find a company that you feel comfortable working with and always remember that the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best deal. It is always worth accounting for charges and tie in periods with any service that is purchased to find the overall costs rather than just looking at the headline costs.

Feel free to contact us through or contact page should you have any concerns, queries or suggestions regarding our directory, we are always willing to listen to any suggestions regarding this web site. If you are a mortgage broker or specialise in offset mortgages, remortgages, first time buyer, fixed rate, commercial or self cert mortgages and want a listing in our niche pages, contact us now on (03) 9023 4412 for an informal discussion. Please note that we do not provide mortgages or mortgage advise ourselves, this site is purely provided as a source of information for online searches and firms that do provide these services.

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